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Desire Riveria Maya

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 How about celebrating this Easter Eggs-Posed in a whole new  way? Work your best bunny suit and participate in our outrageous Easter  egg hunt!  We will put a whole new twist on this traditional holiday  with some sexy fun in the sun, including loads of daytime Easter  activities.  So, get hoppin’ and book now!

Daytime Highlights: Easter Egg Hunt, Bunny Tail Contest
Dress Code: Playboy Bunnies & Hugh Hefner

Desire Riveria Maya

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Spring is upon us, who's your "Bunny"


Submerge yourself in the Desire  experience, a world of erotic pleasure, where fulfilling your fantasies  and awaking your senses is your only objective.  Lose yourself in the  sensuality of a couples-only ambience, full of respect and intimacy,  vibrating in pleasure without limits, where clothing is optional.   Participate in the inexhaustible game of seduction designed to enrich  your imagination, while enjoying breathtaking views in extraordinary  destinations, both land & sea, providing provocative luxury and  sensual amenities for the perfect blend of ecstasy and eroticism.


Our clothing-optional concept offers  intimate, exclusive spaces to meet new couples, and participate in the  inexhaustible game of seduction.


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